We are one of the largest Grower Packers in Ontario.

We farm the largest land mass in the area!


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B & D Farms together with Bradford & District Produce Ltd. is owned by a group of Bradford Holland Marsh area growers, that represents the largest vegetable growing area in Bradford.

With a modern packaging facility we are able to process local produce and supply many customers within Ontario, United States, Caribbean and International markets.

Our Mission

We are and will continue to be a leading grower / packer in the Bradford area. Sourcing from only the best in Bradford, Canada & the United States.

Our History

Bradford & District Produce Ltd. has been in business for over 20 years. One of Canada’s largest vegetable grower packers, which in turn, is owned by a group of Growers that represents the Largest land mass of vegetable producing land in the area.

Our Facility

We are proud of our modern packing facility where we package carrots, cooking onions, red onions, beets and parsnips. Our packaging equipment is able to pack in all sizes